The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe (Science Fiction/Adventure/Middle Grade)


Nick, a twelve-year-old from planet Earth, is filled with a desire for adventure. In the three years he has known his alien robot friend, O-Zone, Nick has learned much about astronomy and planetary ecology and constantly dreams what it would be like to join O-Zone on interplanetary adventures. As a new Protector member of the universal defense team, the Terraguard, he finally gets his chance! O-Zone invites Nick to visit space station Elmira with him. There, the two learn that the peaceful planet of Caldaris is in trouble. A great beast who never sleeps is destroying the planet’s natural resources and threatening the existence of the Caldarian civilization. Desperate for help, the prince of Caldaris asks Nick and O-Zone to travel aboard a powerful spaceship to his planet to investigate the threat and hopefully save the planet and its people from extinction. After enlisting help from a young adventurer and her exotic horse, Nick and O-Zone bravely face the threat head-on-all while dealing with spaceship malfunctions, dodging asteroids, and battling evil aliens. In this exciting adventure, a young Protector and his robot friend embark on a dangerous journey through space to fight an intergalactic battle and stop a beast of unimaginable power before it destroys the universe and all its inhabitants forever.

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**** 4 Stars!!!

…Villeneuve has successfully produced a novel that appeals to youngsters (it was read by both my 11-year-old and 8-year-old with a thumbs up from both), without dumbing down excessively and is a story that holds up to adult scrutiny. Would I like to read more? A more substantial version of the story, with a more detailed back story? Yes, I would. That tells me Villeneuve in The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe has produced a decent first novel for a middle grade reader.

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Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Kevin J. Villeneuve, author of The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe.

Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, Kevin…

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