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Kevin J. Villeneuve Takes Young Readers to Space and Beyond!



The Terraguard Chronicles: Book 1

The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe



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Short Biography

Kevin J. Villeneuve is an award winning middle-grade sci-fi author. His childhood passions for astronomy and deep-space exploration lead to the development of the fictional Nick and O-Zone world and his most recent novel, The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe. Kevin is recognized for the unique essence of his writing style that pulls readers into the page and makes the world and characters come to life.


Long Biography

Kevin J. Villeneuve is an avid sci-fi writer. He has a deep passion for science fiction literature and enjoys writing stories for children and young adults. He has always been a fan of universes such as those of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, as he says their depth showcases the authors’ passion for their work. Villeneuve now aims to create his own fantastical universe in the written world. Kevin maintains a blog where he publishes articles on writing and connects with fans to continuously expand the fictional universes that he has created through his written works. He is a strong believer in the power of the imagination and uses it to fuel his creativity and bring his fictional characters and their adventures to life. Kevin has published several short stories revolving around his sci-fi universe and published his first middle-grade novel, The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe, in early 2014. Since its release, Protectors of the Universe has won  Editor’s Choice and Rising Star designations from iUniverse. Kevin aims to expand the Nick and O-Zone universe to a point where others can write their own sci-fi adventures based in the same setting. In his personal life, Kevin’s hobbies include motorsports, horseback riding, stargazing and observing wildlife. He and his wife, Katherine, currently live in Eastern Canada where they enjoy a simple life on the ranch with their three horses and three cats.


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